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Spiritual Guidance Consultations

Meetings are private and confidential. Consultations are offered via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, telephone, or in person. Mileage charges may apply. All consultations are by appointment only. Please note that each private consultation requires a minimum of 30 minutes pre-pay appointments only. Prices vary. Call now for a free consultation (303) 903 0358.

Payment Options

Private readings require pre-payment. We use an online service, PayPal. PayPal account holders may send money entering the email address: [email protected]. Non-PayPal account holders will receive an invoice from PayPal for payment with a debit or credit card. This is required for all confirmed appointments prior to a private reading. Thank you.



Healing Yourself

Self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, and faith are parts of healing.


Change negative behavior into positive energy. Clients discover their natural beauty and spiritual gifts.


Communicate with loved ones on the other side.

Spiritual Guidance

Understand your life path. Gain clarity in making big decisions in your life. Uplift and motivate your Spirit.


Learn meditation, silence, and devotion. Read holy and inspirational books. Enjoy music. Light a white candle.


Numbers are a form of communication. Learn what numbers are your strongest and what you need to know about the energy.

KeyPlan, LLC.

Our Mission with KeyPlan is guiding you and your strengths with an intelligent college or career plan. We believe everyone has a gift, a path, and a spiritual responsibility. We help you discover your future. We help you think outside the box. We guide you to completing a plan that gets you one step closer to following your passion and heart in this journey of life. Contact Tara DeLaFuente now.

Contact Tara now by calling (303) 903-0358 or by email. We do have a form you can fill out here


College Admissions

College Admission guidance from beginning to end.

Employment Services

Learn and apply to new and upcoming careers. Plan for your future, set goals. Write as resume, prepare for interviews.

College & Career Preparation For K-12 Groups

Learn the process for college admissions & preparing for employment.

Cats Not Cops

Cats Not Cops believe the community needs less cops and more love. We believe Black Lives Matter! We believe no human should experience harassment, injury, or death from police officers or any person of authority. Stop the hurting women. Stop destroying our families and our community

Stand up for the People! Stand up for marginalized groups! Stand up for health care for the needy! Stand up for safe and affordable housing for Denver residents! Stand up for clean water, air, and food! Stand up for education, good job opportunities, and a fair working salary. Stand up for families facing discrimination. Stand up for Black Liberation.